About Me


10922381_888915311139722_4167111345267063247_oMy name is Barbara and fashion is my passion. When I was a young my mother and grandmother were always working on something. They were both wonderful seamstresses, they taught me everything they knew.  As I grew older I followed my passion and went to fashion school, I became serious about sewing found it was a way for me to support my growing family.

I eventually opened my own shop in Costa Rica where I created new pieces, uniforms and even formal wear. Now that I am living in the land of dreams I am starting a new venture following my passion.

With 28 years of experience I strive to do my best for every customer. Whether it be sewing on a button or making custom clothing, every job is important to me. My goal is to always have happy satisfied customers and have them speak of me and my work with high regards.

My success depends on new and repeat customers like you!

Contact me for your appointment today – (937) 367-3658